Thanks for organising such a great trip. Think I was lucky with the weather, snow (mostly!), guides and group.
— Catherine Fitzpatrick (Hobart Aust.) New Backcountry Delights. Jan/Feb 2015.

Just wanted to say thanks for all you did. To say we had a fatastic trip would be an understatement. We made absolutely the most of the trip.
— Anthony Evans. (Jindabyne Aust.) Private Tour. Feb 2015.

The back country skiing was mind blowing and you’ve created a monster!!! It was also so relaxing not to have to worry about logistics, and I’m in awe of your talent to make a complex operation run so smoothly. Everyone in your team is solid gold, and it was an honour to meet and ski with yourself, Taco, Hiru, Graeme, Tim, and also the lovely lady who picked us up from the station.
— Wendy Kate Gleen. (Sydney Australia) Resort & backcountry Skiing February 2014.

We are finally back in Australia after another great trip. The trip with Tim and all the crew was fantastic. It was great to be able to explore all these unknown areas and experience a total lack of any other people. The route from Tomamu across the top was really great with fabulous scenary and skiing - not steep and deep but just great for the “old Guys” whilst the young fit ones charged ahead lapping us.
— Vic Bagdon. (Sydney Australia) New Backcountry Explorer February 2014.

It’s going to be a tough re-entry after such a fantastic trip!
— Katy Harris. (Seattle USA) Cycle Shikoku October 2013.

You planned an excellent route and we enjoyed the riding, the inns, hotels, and onsens and the food was superb.
— Wendy & Gary Kaplan, (Seattle USA). Self Guided Cycle Hokkaido, July 2013.

I’ve skied extensively in Europe and North America including heli skiing in British Columbia and New Zealand. But never have I experienced snow as light, dry and as deep as we skied in Japan. Thanks John for a great trip. I’m looking forward to doing it again.
— Klaus Tietz (Canberra Australia), Powder Chaser February 2012 & 2013.

What can I say... I had such a brilliant time. The cycling was fantastic. I really appreciate the time and effort you have put in to create such a wonderful and varied cycle route. I did enjoy being challenged by some of the climbs - although I was thrilled to be able to happily complete them... it really is more of a mental state of mind... I loved the remote rural roads you took us through, particularly in the areas up away from the coast. The scenery was magnificent and the riding just glorious. Its such a joy to be able to ride away from heavily trafficked areas. I really enjoyed the accommodation. A perfect mix of luxury and then real local hospitality. I felt very welcomed everywhere. All in all, I had a brilliant time - I would love to do it all over again.
— Nikki Baker. (Sydney Australia) Cycle Shikoku May 2012.

I want to thank you for a wonderful trip last week. Having known of you and your trips in Japan for some time it was great to finally meet you and have the opportunity to ski with you. It was also a pleasure to meet your family.
Nutappu at Asahidake was a special place - amazing ambience and decor, superb food, excellent hospitality from Napa san and Mariko all set in a great location. One of the best mountain lodges I’ve stayed in anywhere in the world. Taku was great and I really enjoyed his company. I can’t speak highly enough of him as a guide and a person. He is certainly a keeper.
— Michael Banks. (Sydney Australia) Asahi Dake & Tokachi January 2012.

John has unearthed the most reliable, easily accessed and safest powder skiing on earth - combined with wonderful local hospitality and food, hot spring baths and low-key proffessional guides to take care of the details, you have a skiing holiday from heaven.
— Tim Macartney-Snape. (Everest summiteer Mittagong Australia) Tokachi Mountains February 2012.

Hokkaido is the land of powder snow. Living up to its name, it snowed every day, at least 10 inches of fresh each morning. Light fluffy snow that coated the trees like white coral…. And blew over your head. We were in such remote country that we would never have any idea how to get there, much less where to ski. John was professional, organized and funny. He broke trail all over the beautiful place and then, much to our guilt, pointed out the best ski shots! The skiing was unbelievable and consistent.
— Jane Paine (Salt Lake City Utah USA), Private Ski Trip Tokachi 2010.

John Morrell is the consumate Pro, he’s being doing his Ski Japan thing for 30 years....... If the lightest, driest, deepest, powder snow in the world doesn’t leave you breathless, your simply not skiing hard enough.
— Mark Black. (Melbourne Australia) Ski Hokkaido 2010.

Awesome snow, awesome backcountry and ski fields, awesome accommodation, awesome food, awesome onsens, awesome group and awesome guide of course.
— Michael Law Smith. (Canberra Australia) Ski Hokkaido 2010.

Although all the ski fields we visited were excellent, Nukabira was probably my most favourite ski field. Extremely affordable lift tickets, uncrowded, challenging and exciting on and off piste runs.
— Michael Law Smith. (Canberra Australia) Ski Hokkaido 2010.

Fantastic trip. It had it all.
— Mike Stomps "Stompsey". (Canberra Australia) Ski Hokkaido 2010

Thanks again for the awesome trip. We had a very wonderful first trip to Japan with you, thanks again for being such a great guide. Can’t wait to go again.
— Steve Klassen & Amelia Henry. (Utah via the Philipines) Tokachi Mts. Feb 2009 & 2010.

The best days cycling I have ever had...
— Dr. Brian Woodcock. (Ann Arbor Michigan USA) Cycle Shikoku 2009.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the trip - I enjoyed it so much and now have some more great mind pictures in the memory bank. As always you organise a great trip with everything being so easy and so enjoyable. I hope to be able to do it again.
— Dr. Helen Cromb. (Nowra Australia) Telemark Powder & Sushi 2005 and 2008.

In the mountains of Shikoku, it seems as if time has stood still.
— Takashi Kakiuchi. (Furano Hokkaido Japan) Cycle Shikoku 2008.

I’d like to say that it has been an absolute pleasure to spend the past few weeks with you guys in Japan. I had so much fun and laughs with you all, not to mention the awesome snow, food, onsens and wonderful Japanese hospitality from Nappa-san and Mariko, Keiji and Yuki, Kakiuchi-san and many others. I’d especially like to thank John and Lucy for making the trip one of the best I’ve had. Still tele-ing round the corners at work and accidentally nodding and bowing to everyone I meet (hee, hee). Fantastic trip!
— Paul Daniels. (Canberra Australia) Ski Hokkaido 8 times, most recent February 2008.

Konichiwa all, It was a fabulous trip and I’m already looking forward to the next one in a years time. Many thanks to John and Paul for leading us, and to all of you for your company.
— Genevieve Staats. (Los Angeles California USA) Telemark Powder & Sushi 2008.

Thank you both very much for a wonderful Japanese Experience, I appreciated the way the trip was structured, by starting us of on the downhill groomed area of Furano and then slowly introducing us to the Hokkaido powder via Kamui , Asahi Dake and finally the Tokachi mountains. Each area was very special.
— Jeles Staats. (Melbourne Australia) Telemark Powder & Sushi 2008.

Thanks for a great trip again.
— Tony Milton. (Melbourne Australia) Cycle Hokkaido 2006 and Cycle Shikoku 2008.

It was a privilege to have you as our group leader and organizer,your inside knowledge of Hokkaido and the language,people, etc. all made the trip much more special. Also your zest for more adventure is extended to your groups.
— Nancy Robinson. (Albury Australia) Telemark Powder & Sushi 2007.

Since our return I have had continuing feedback from our group on what a great trip we had and how it exceeded all expectations.
— Dr. John Walton. (Gosford Australia) Cycle Hokkaido 2004 and Cycle Shikoku 2007.

You must do this ride once in your lifetime. It was a stunning experience for us both culturally and the sheer beauty of the environment. We were also more than pleased to recommend the ride.
— Ian and Sylvia Mcewan. (Brisbane Australia) Cycle Shikoku 2007.

Had a great time - really enjoyed the trip. The walks were all great - i have been raving to my family and friends since i got back about the scenery and the friendliness of the Japanese people - the accommodation & food was all excellent. Found Noriyuki to be a great guide.
— Daniel Leahy. (Sydney Australia) Walk Japan 2006.

The walks were all excellent and we were pleased that they were quite challenging and very scenic. The walks in Hokkaido were just fabulous. It was a great contrast to the more barren landscape of Mt. Fuji.
— Jennifer Steward and Brian Crompton. (Sydney Australia) Walk Japan 2006.

Just to say a huge thank you for ushering me around Japan again. It was a great trip made even greater by your friendly assistance!
— Frank Shepherd. (Sydney Australia) Cycle Hokkaido 2003, Cycle Shikoku 2004 and 2006.