Guided Cycle Tour Shikoku

Explore the Pilgrim trails of shikoku from the mountains to the coast


Guided Cycle Tour Shikoku

Explore the Pilgrim trails of shikoku from the mountains to the coast

Shikoku tour in the Iya Gorge.

Shikoku tour in the Iya Gorge.

Thank you for a truly wonderful experience and for introducing me to the remarkable country that is Japan. Absolutely best international cycling experience ever!
— Sarah Urbut. Shikoku - Pilgrim Roads. April 2019. Chicago. USA.

Cycle Tour Shikoku

Ride Buddhist pilgrim trails, past ancient temples, through mountains, along the wild pacific coast, past age old remote villages and pristine mountain streams.  

Shikoku provides a rare window into ancient Japan. Here away from the crowds, we cycle along ancient Samurai paths that wind over mountain passes and along crystal clear mountain streams.

Life appears to stand still in these remote valleys as we ride through historical villages on narrow roads built for horses, where gabled roof rural houses stand sentinel to the passing of time. The riding is smooth hot mix bitumen, mostly on secondary roads that see little traffic.

En route the sweet chanting of pilgrims, our fellow travellers on this island of Buddhist devotion, can be heard as we pass temples and pagodas. In Shikoku, those looking for enlightenment in the modern world walk the ancient paths once trodden by the great Buddhist saint, Kobo Daishi. Here the 'ohenro' or pilgrims smile and wave as they visit the 88 temples of "the Daishi" in their pursuit of spiritual awakening.

Our ride takes us from the spectacular Iya Gorge, the deepest gorge in Japan, with its thatch roof houses and old vine bridges, through the spectacular mountains around Mt. Ishizuchi, Shikoku and Western Japan's highest mountain.

We explore the Pacific coast with its beautiful beaches and relaxed coastal lifestyle before travelling along Japan's last great pure river, the Shimanto.

Each night we stay in superb Japanese Inns where you can relax in a hot tub or on some nights, soothe your bones in a hot spring bath before enjoying your Japanese feast.

Lots of happy smiling faces. It was a great trip for us and we are very appreciative of your efforts in making it so.
— Phil Henty, Melbourne Australia. Cycle Shikoku 2016.

Tour Highlights

Including the Shimanami Kaido, dedicated cycle way across the islands and bridges of the inland sea.

  1. Cycle from 50 km (31 m) to 110 km (68 m) per day and explore from the high mountains to the sea at Cape Ashizuri.

  2. Cycle along Japan's last pure waterway, the magnificent Shimanto River.

  3. Soak up culture and history as you ride past ancient temples, buddhist pilgrims and old villages.

  4. Stay in some Japanese Inns and eat delicious Japanese food.

  5. Three nights in 4/5 star Ryokans/Hotels.

  6. Bilingual tour leader, support vehicle and mechanic.

  7. The roads are mostly smooth and narrow. The bulk of the riding on the old samurai roads see very little vehicle traffic.

Details and Booking Information

Land Price: 11 day tour ¥420,000/$AU5400 per person. (Note 2018 12 day tour $5700) Single option ¥48,000/$AU650. 8 Day tour ¥390,000/$AU4900. Single Option ¥35,000/$AU470. Please note single options are limited and not always available in each property. Contact us below and we will send you a PDF brochure with full tour outline, including tour inclusions, bike hire details and a booking form. 

Season and Departure Dates: We have scheduled this tour to coincide with the best of Shikoku's seasons.

  1. Autumn Colours # 2. (8 day). Oct 31 - 7 2019.

  2. Autumn Colours # 2. (12 day). October 27 - Nov 7 2019.

  3. Cherry Blossoms (8 day). April 14 - 21 2020.

  4. Cherry Blossoms (11 day). April 11 - 21 2020.

  5. Spring Splendour. (8 day). May 20 - 27 2020.

  6. Spring Splendour. (11 day). May 17-27 2020.

  7. Autumn Colours # 1. (8 day). October 10 - 17 2020.

  8. Autumn Colours # 1. (11 day). October 7 - 17 2020.

  9. Autumn Colours # 2. (8 day). Oct 28 - Nov 4 2020.

  10. Autumn Colours # 2. (11 day). October 25 - Nov 4 2020.

Private Groups: This guided departure is available for private groups, and can be modified to suit group rider needs. Contact us to arrange a private departure. 

Accommodation: We use a range of accommodations including 3 luxury nights, standard mountain inns & some western style Hotels. See our accommodation page for more details. 

Rider Numbers: 4-8/10 riders.

Grade: Level 1  (moderate to strenuous). See our grade page for more details.

How to book: Download a booking form or contact us. Send the booking form via email or post with $AU250 /¥20,000 deposit/person. All credit cards accepted except Diners.